The Coreys, The Two Coreys, That One Corey?


Michael Jackson’s funeral was yesterday and now that that’s over, the paparazzi have been scolding everyone about how they feel. They even tracked down Corey Feldman and asked how he thought about Michael’s passing–check it out:


I did not grow up with the two Coreys–I’m a 90’s/2000’s chick (wooohoo Nsync!), but the one movie I did see that had both of them in it was Lost Boys. I also saw Stand By Me, which had Feldman in it. Those are both great films–definitely recommend them if you haven’t seen them.

You  may laugh, but does anyone recall if the Corey’s ever sang?

I don’t know about back when they were young and popular, but what about now?

If nothing rings a bell, then I suggest you check this out:


Oh the things you (attempt to) do for love :).

Thank God that other girl started singing…he better stick to drama–in my opinion.

By the way, does anyone ever watch that show?

…I didn’t even know they had one.

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