Something Better Than Good


We should all be familiar with the song Poker Face, am I right?

Now the thing with Poker Face is that the way the beat is produced, it has a seductive melody. Like, you want to listen to it, even if you hate it. It is also very dance floor friendly! I mean who doesn’t want to grind to some blond hair chick singing about poker (shh, it’s really about sex)?

If you all need a reminder of what song I am talking about, then here’s the video:


As popular as that song still is, when I typed poker face into the YouTube search bar, this came up:


Now, I’m not even a fan of the lyrics–more or less the song–but the way Daughtry delivers it, I can faithfully say that this is talent, and a good example of it.

In one of my last posts, I brought up how parodies of certain things are usually alot better than the original; here’s a song featuring Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Common called I Poke Her Face.

Give it a listen:


Now that’s creative 🙂

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  • I like Daughtry’s version a lot better. Very well done.

    BUT, that Poke Her Face is so good. And it’s more out with it than the original song

    Haha nice post!