Today I was listening to the radio and the song by Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most – was playing, but it was definitely not the original. Later, when I came home, I looked up this awful remix of the song and realized that it was redone by Cascada.

Okay look, I have no issues with Cascada, she is honestly the only techno artist I can somewhat tolerate, but this remix is not okay. I understand if an artist of today would remix a Bryan Adams song or a Pat Benetar hit, but Rascal Flatts? What Hurts The Most was released in 2006; that was only three years a go!

Shouldn’t there be some type of rule on when it is appropriate to remake a song? Here’s another question I have: techno music is usually danced to, so it’s not just relaxing music that someone can listen to, right? The original version of this song was beautifully written, sang and played. It was the type of song that made you want to break away from your comfort zone and to confront someone you may share a rocky road with; it didn’t make you want to break away from the crowd of people to show off your dance moves. No! I’d be appalled to see someone collapse to the ground and do the worm to this song…but now–thanks to the remix–we can. Without asking the question, I guess you could say I figured it out on my own. A majority of people are seduced by high pitched synths and tweaked voices that sound like barbie dolls on pot, instead of something that is just nice to listen to.

Songs today aren’t as direct as they used to be. They don’t really have a point.

I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody — more than obvious.

But thanks to remixes we can grind our way into being expelled from a local club to songs that used to make us waste all the tissue boxes in a CVS store.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the remix, give it a listen and comment back how you feel:


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