Talking To Walls


The Ghandis of Destruction (GoDs), are working on their newest mixtape Talking To Walls that’s planned to release sometime this September. The members of this group: RoTT and our very own DieN2LivE, have been keeping their fans up to date at their new website:

I suggest you check out their site and also support them here:

RoTT and DieN2LivE encourage you to sign up on their street team by joining the mailing list. By joining the mailing list, you will have the opportunity to hear a new unreleased track from their new album every week. These songs are fan exclusive only. If you want a chance to listen to some great music, I suggest you sign up to their mailing list.

They’re working hard to build a loyal and strong fan base, and they would really appreciate it if you also supported them individually:

Check out DieN2LivE’s music here:

Check out RoTT’s music here:

And don’t forget to look for their newest mix tape, Talking To Walls, and listen weekly for unreleased songs by joining the mailing list at:

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