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This past weekend I took a trip to Jacksonville, Florida, and the day before I departed I heard the devastating news about Michael Jackson. To this day, he is still the most talented and will always be known as the King of Pop. I hope that no one ever takes that title away from him. With the direction the music industry is headed, I doubt that anyone would even have the nerve to steal the legend behind that name!

Michael Jackson was the revolution of music. He set the bar up so high that he himself, could barely reach it. No one will ever come close to what he has accomplished. Can you imagine someone like T-Pain with his lame top hat and set of grillz claiming to be the King of Pop? Goodness, I hope not. Michael forever aspired an amazing image of music. He was such a multi-talented individual who went through so much during his career.

For any of you that are as torn up about Michael’s passing as I am, I suggest you look around this site to help remind you of someone who forever changed music:


I am positive that Michael will always be in our hearts whether or not you are a fan. He’s the type of performer that is never forgotten, not depending on where he is located on the stage, how many solos he has, or what he’s wearing; he always sticks out and it won’t matter where you are sitting–you will always notice him.

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Michael, you will forever be missed.

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  • No one could rightfully steal the “King Of Pop” title.

    Everyone else is straight BOOTY compared to him :|.

    I love you,
    another good blog!

    R.I.P MJ