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A lot of well known rappers or musicians have their status as a celebrity from the help of other artists. For example Dr. Dre really helped Eminem rise to fame after he heard his demo tape; and Eminem discovered 50 Cent, and with the help of himself and Dr. Dre, 50 Cent is now one of the world’s highest selling rappers.

Recently I have heard the single of a rising artist who goes by the stage name of Scooter Smiff. R&B artist Chris Brown came across Smiff’s myspace and instantly took him to Interscope Records. According to Smiff’s biography, ‘Interscope Records quickly paid for a studio to be put on Scooter’s tour bus so the teen sensation could record his debut album and not miss a beat on tour.’ Scooter Smiff’s song Head Of My Class, which features Chris Brown is pretty impressive for a kid who is 13, but there is nothing new about it. In my opinion, the songs (including the lyrics) seems like a bad attempt at an old Bow Wow song, but the only difference is that, Scooter has some pretty smooth dance moves which keeps the audience interested…I guess. But here’s my question, is this song going to be Scooter’s one hit wonder? If so, who is there to blame?


Or Chris?

If Chris found him and did whatever he could to give this 13 year old a record deal, would he be somewhat responsible if Scooter’s albums tanked; or would it be Scooter’s fault because he was too ignorant to realize that maybe the only reason why he is somewhat famous, is because of Chris?

Hmm…we will have to see.

If you haven’t heard/watched the video, then I suggest you take time to check it out:


After you’ve watched that, I recommend you watch the video for an old Bow Wow song:


Haha…so what’s the difference?

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