Just Another Legend


The song Green Light by John Legend featuring Andre 3000 from OutKast, is pretty decent compared to an average love song–for today’s sake. But here’s the issue that I have with it and with a majority of songs out there.

If you are a talented singer/performer/rapper or whatever, then why be changed? Not only that, but what’s up with this falsetto B.S? If you can sing, then sing! Don’t fake it by doing the soft, whispering stuff. Most of the time, the producer will tune it anyway. So just belt it out! Give us a reason to believe that you can actually sing.

Before we know it, artists will probably not have to make albums anymore, just singles–selling them on iTunes. So before the records get thrown away and the radio stations all over the world are out of business; please artists, give us something to believe in.

This is what we fall for:


And this, is what we’ve left behind:


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