It’s Poppin’?


When Nelly came out with his song Grillz, I wasn’t surprised when everyone wanted grillz! But in 2007, when this new artist known as Lil’ Mama came out with Lip Gloss, I almost looked at it as a joke. The music video starts out with her in the car talking to her mother about how she is unpopular, and her mother gives her some lip gloss that instantly makes me popular…weird…

If you listen to the track–with out the vocals–you can notice that the song is pretty low budget. There is no crazy hi-hat or electric guitar that hits notes that don’t even exist. But the video is just off the chain…not necessarily in a good or bad way. Some pretty sick effects, which distract you from the krumping and crotch-pinching Lil Mama performs. Why do girls do that when they try to act gangsta’? Guy’s do it enough! It looks so unattractive when a guy does it. Now girls?! Buy pants that fit honey, if it’s really going to be an issue.


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  • That beat POUNDS! I wrote a diss to it one day, and a different song.

    I don’t know if I’d call the beat low-budget. It’s just, not as electronic as the industry works towards. It’s giving us dope simplicity as opposed to overwhelming too-much-instrument stuff.

    Lip Gloss is a pretty good song, though.. I don’t like when they grab their crotches either,