Ya’ll Ready For This?


As I had brought up in my previous blog about Tiffany, she promoted herself through mall tours in order for people to buy her album. But today, we don’t work off of simplicity, we love to lure people in–triggering them in every single way.

We aren’t just worried about our sexuality, or whether or not to trust the ‘lollipops’ at candy stores…there’s more behind it.

But let’s start with something innocent:

Two rappers: Wax and Herbal T recorded a song called ‘Low Budget,’ that is honestly low budget.

Watch the video, it is very entertaining:


Now this is nothing against their choice for substituting instruments…but they did use a can of beer to make a popping noise. Not only that, but they showed the label of the beer: Bud Light. It’s careless advertising. They didn’t even know. This could trigger a watcher/listener of the video to get up and get a beer…possibly a Bud Light.


This is a video of DieN2LivE free styling:


In the background you can see a bottle of lemonade. You do not see the label of the drink, but it may still trigger someone to want lemonade. Also, in the beat he raps over the word cocaine is repeated relentlessly, which may affect the listener…depending on their self-control of course.

This next one isn’t even worth explaining:


Lame…I know. But hey, it benefits her and Pepsi. When you go out to get Britney’s album, you’ll want a case of Pepsi to go along with it. I mean she drinks Pepsi (supposedly)…you want to be cool like her, right?

Chew it up watching this:


Aren’t the effects of green lighting up the package of gum so cool, as it slides down Brown’s abdomen, his leg, arms and back? So flexible. And the rhythm of the song! Doesn’t that sound familiar? See, this works the same way the old Pepsi commercial does with Spears. You want the gum, and the song is catchy (somewhat), so you’re going to want to buy the record. Don’t lie–you know you do!

The last two videos are ridiculous huh? Yeah I bet you’re nodding your head carelessly as you buy the CDs of Chris Brown and Britney Spears with a case of Pepsi in your trunk and a pack of Double Mint gum in your back pocket. Trust me, everyone falls for it. It’s called advertising. It’s supposed to work. If it doesn’t, then that’s a problem.

But tell me, how do you feel after watching this:


Lmao 😀

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  • Haha, it’s funny to me – but it does work.

    I think everybody should just put the Up-coming GoDs CD in their videos

    PERFECT Idea. 😛

    Love you!
    Good blog once again,
    very informative!