The Club Is Jumping Now, So SHUT UP!


I don’t know about you…
But I can’t stand when artists repeat their name in every single song as if they’re advertising themselves. For example, as much as I respect her, Ciara says her name in every song.

Whenever I hear a new track of hers, I think to myself, ‘Honey, I know who you are.’

Just another technique I guess.



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  • I think she accomplished the point of it.

    I think the point is to make sure you know who she is, and what-not.

    And she definitely captured that with you! Haha, just a thought.

    I love you!

  • I would have to agree. If you listen to Young Jeezy, You will recognize a constant repeated “JEAH” or “Aye”. Number 1: It gets annoying and number two it represents nothing but a term used to create a symbol representing ones name. Then when another artist decides to use that term, their automatically considered a biter.