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Katy Perry…hm

The first time I heard her single, ‘I Kissed A Girl’ I couldn’t decide whether to hate it or like it. It took a couple times of listening to it for me to come to the conclusion of ‘this must be what our generation wants to hear.’

The way the song is delivered, it makes being curious of the same sex-as she puts it-our human nature. I have nothing against people being attracted to the same sex, I just don’t understand why a song like this-that is almost making fun of those feelings of being curious-is so popular. Especially today!

In a way, the lyrics contradict themselves.

For example, in the chorus she says, ‘I hope that my boyfriend doesn’t mind it,’ but then in the second verse she states that it’s something that ‘good girls don’t do.’ So, is she a good girl or a bad girl? How is this defined?

Some would say that she isn’t a good girl because she is in a relationship…but does her kissing a girl make her a slut or an attention whore?

Look, I think it’s a great song and I appreciate her other work such as her song, ‘Hot n’ Cold’ but this song makes me question where the line is in the music industry.

Once again, listeners are attracted to songs that talk about nothing they can relate to. But in this case, there’s more pressure. The lyrics–especially the chorus–literally lure you in because they’re so concrete:

‘The taste of her cherry chap stick.’

I mean, who hasn’t tasted cherry chap stick?!

At this point, I don’t know where the attention is being drawn…

It’s either because of this:

Or this:

Yeah, I don’t know either…

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