God Loves Ugly


Since 1997 an independent hip-hop group, known as Atmosphere, has continued to produce and promote some of the greatest tracks. The group consists of two members: Slug (Sean Daley), who is the MC of the group, and Ant (Anthony Davis), who is the producer.

Atmosphere has grown into one of the most accomplished MC/producer duos around. They’ve released six albums, 11 Sad Clown tour albums and various side projects-
amounting in well over a million units sold. Throughout the years they have performed to sold-out crowds from various places like, modest sized venues in their hometown
to colossal festivals in Japan.

Rolling Stone magazine claimed about Slug, This Minneapolis indie rap hero has potential to spare, delivering taut, complex rhyme narratives with everyman earnestness.” Or as the Village Voice once wrote of Ant, “His dusty grooves are hooky and R&B-informed, and even when they back up Slug’s most maniacally depressed rhymes, they never feel heavy-handed.”

The six albums they’ve released include:

Overcast! (1997), Lucy Ford (2001), God Loves Ugly (2002), Seven’s Travels (2003), Head shots: SE7EN (2005), You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having (2005), Strictly Leakage (2007), and When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (2008).

I highly recommend you check out this group’s Myspace:


The accomplishments of this group are literally intimidating! I barely even noted half of their feats. I suggest you listen to their track, ‘Sunshine.’ The lyrics that are written are like an open book–honest observations of daily scenarios. Nothing that is shared in a track comes across cocky or even exaggerated. It’s real. It’s one of the best duos that I’ve heard in a long time; and I’m pretty picky about my hip hop.

So check these guys out. Trust me, you won’t regret it!



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