Favorite Lines!


This list may change over time, but I want to write it out anyway.

Copywrite – Jeah:

‘I’m coming atchu, like I sneeze through my dick.’

Atmosphere – Trying To Find A Balance

‘Emcees drag their feet across a big naked land
With an empty bag of seed and a fake shake of hands’

DieN2LivE – Never Give Up

‘Never be in second place, ever be a clever face
and I’ma keep on spittin’, ’til I make it to a better place’

Eminem – Medicine Ball

‘Put Christopher Reeves on a unicycle with a kickstand
Kick it up and push him and knee him right into quick sand’

At the moment those are my favorite 🙂

Some good stuff right there.

I recommend you check all of those songs out.

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