Embracing Plot Holes: Why You’re Not Required To Be An “Open Book”


For a while, I considered myself to be an “open book.” No piece of information was too confidential, embarrassing or painful to mention. I was so confident telling stories about my life, I always wondered why other people weren’t as open as me. I considered myself an open book until I experienced a reason to stay quiet. To keep the experience on the page – so to speak. But when these memories of...

Motifs, Themes, Arcs, Whatever… What Really Happens When You Write


If you spent most of your high school and college career taking creative writing or English courses, you heard the same bits of advice year after year. If you don’t struggle writing what you know, the next task is to define your theme. Once you figure out the story theme, you need to map out the chain of events and make sure there’s a clear beginning, middle, and end that is packed...