Quick Update

Hello all:

Finals week is approaching within the next couple days, and because of my workload, I will not be able to add onto Caramel Cigarettes. By next weekend, there will most definitely be a new addition (maybe even two). I will also be using my blog for academic reasons. As of now, there are two posts that are marked as password protected. My history class final involves a 10 to 12 paged paper that needs to be uploaded onto a blog and presented on the scheduled exam day.

If you are interested in anything that has to do with gender roles during the Civil War, you can definitely give it a read. I am planning to remove it off of my blog once final grades are posted.

Thank you and good luck to any of you who have exams in the next few days!

– Dahv


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  1. jordan d says:

    hello, your music from around 07, and 08 was magical!

  2. Dahv Daniels says:

    Why thank you!

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