The Gallery

Below is a piece I wrote my senior year of high school.

Honestly, I wrote this a couple hours before my deadline. I was instructed to experiment with parentheses and long sentences.

– Dahv


“Step back,

See how the line intersect after –”

(The green scarf slipped down her shoulders.

Her hands – flat, in front of her face, frayed, fingers apart –

Touched her mouth; Legs bent, torso twisted, moving contrapposto,

She stepped on her scarf: a thinning rug; a rug stained with ketchup:

A hobo’s Christmas banner; a banner hung in Laundromats, sometimes;

Sometimes tucked behind a boot’s tongue in the basement,

Bandaged with rolled rugs;

Rugs – green, splattered with red – in between us.)

“Let me step forward now,

Look at this again, with me, closer,

Now we are parallel to the painting.”


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